Web Inspection Without Compromise

Whether your need is for a basic web viewing system or a highly functional top end product, the KDS Visi-tech iSeries range has you covered. All iSeries products offer best in class performance, top specifications and superb, robust build quality.

In Brief …

  • High Definition Digital Imaging with world class Sony imaging sensors

  • Powerful 18x Optical Zoom

  • Variable high speed motorised traverse (up to 300mm/second)

  • Rich, user friendly software

  • Robust industrial build quality


Three easy steps to perfect web inspection …

Choose from one of the three high definition iSeries camera formats. Consider your machine size and the available space and whether you need a motorized traverse or the lower cost manual traverse option.

Choose whether you need a simple low cost system or prefer advanced waste saving features and programs then choose from one of our three user friendly software options. Standard, iTouch or iPro.

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iSeries i20

The i20 is the ideal system for narrow web machines. With its specially designed light chamber and fixed 90 degree camera rotation the i20 achieves a very large 130 x 100mm field of view in a compact size. Available with manual or motorised traverse


iSeries i40

The i40 is Dual Strobe camera suitable for wide web or for narrow web application. With rotatable camera orientation 130 x 100mm field of view and dual colour corrected xenon strobes the i40 offers excellent flat lighting and flexibility far all viewing applications.


iSeries i80

The i80 is the ideal choice for high quality wide web inspection. It provides the user with an extended 185x140mm field of view illuminated by Quad xenon strobes. When combined with a user friendly touchscreen and iSeries pro software, the i80 Pro will satisfy the most demanding inspection needs.

iSeries – Standard Software

The iSeries Standard Software Package offers the user an economical entry level product that’s uncomplicated and intuitive to use. Remote keypad operation combined with on- screen graphical menus help make the task of web inspection simple and efficient.


iSeries – iTouch Software

The iSeries iTouch software upgrade is available for all iSeries products with motorised camera traverse.

Comprising of a user friendly 21.5″ full HD touch screen interface with a host of intuitive, valuable waste saving features, the iTouch software upgrade turns your inspection system into a premium product and provides the user with a high end inspection experience.


iSeries – iPro Software

The iSeries iPro software upgrade builds on our highly successful iTouch software to provide the highest level of functionality and inspection features.

The iPro software upgrade is available for all iSeries products with motorised camera traverse.