is the ultimate productivity boosting addition to any printing or converting machine. Quantum can be easily installed on any printing machine in just a few hours and provides a bridge between your MIS / ERP system and your machines. Quantum takes new job data from your MIS and assists machine operators to achieve all your production targets, and become engaged in continuous productivity improvement.

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See how Quantum can collect unprecedented productivity data directly from your machines and see some of the huge collection of reports and analytics that Quantum provides at the click of a mouse. Find out just how easy it is for your company to bridge that gap between MIS and machines, and reap the rewards of more efficient print production.

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Improving converting efficiency with Quantum.

Read our white paper which explains how your company can move towards a more profitable operation by improving production efficiency. Find out why Management Information Systems simply fail when it comes to effective production management, and understand how to make Lean Manufacturing work properly, with synergy between machine operators and your production management team.

Efficiency Management Units

Quantum Efficiency Management Units are easily installed on any printing machine in just a few hours. Forming a bridge between your MIS system and the printing machine Quantum downloads new job instructions directly to the machine where every aspect of the job can be monitored.  A sophisticated dashboard interface keeps machine operators fully informed and fully engaged in efficiency improvement, helping to bring each job to completion on target with minimal waste.


Quantum measures every millimeter of material, and every second of machine activity, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week providing extreamly accurate productivity data directly from the machine.


Quantum tracks the ongoing progress of every job indicating actual job performance against production targets, with continuous live feedback. Graphical Key Performance Indicators assist the machine operator to complete the job on time and on budget.


Quantum creates sophisticated reports, providing managers with unprecedented insight into the manufacturing process, highlighting production issues and helping quantify the gains maid from corrective actions.


Quantum has been developed as an efficiency management tool for both machine operators and managers alike. Combined with an effective strategy for waste reduction and continuous improvement, Quantum can produce a quick return on investment plus long term benefits ultimately creating a leaner more profitable operation.

Automated production reporting

Quantum comes complete with a rich set of reporting features including live machine dashboards, printable production reports and a range of analytics charts all available at the click of a mouse button. Quantum provides managers with unprecedented productivity data enabling a more complete understanding of the problems occuring everyday and the costs to your company.

Web Enabled

Quantum is built on the latest web technology and can be accessed from smart devices and tablets. Information at your fingertips any time you need from anywhere.

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