When customers demand the tightest tolerances in printed packaging, maintaining acceptable print quality can be a difficult task, especially on flexible films. Working in conjunction with one of the worlds leading flexible packaging manufacturers, KDS has developed a solution that will help printers achieve consistent quality, reduce waste and eliminate customer returns.

Accutrack print repeat length monitoring system has been specially designed to assist printers perform accurate online measurement and recording of print repeat length. The system can be deployed on both printing machines and print finishing machines where its simple and intuitive user interface will keep the printer informed of repeat length variations over time, and also provide alarms when the repeat length drifts out of acceptable limits.

Touch Screen Interface

The Accutrack operator interface is a robust 10.1″ industrial touch screen  PC. The interface is intuitive to use and allows the machine operator to see live repeat length measurements and the variations in repeat length over time. Every repeat is measured and an alarm output can be enabled if the repeat exceeds the control limits set by the operator.

Historical Data Storage

All Accutrack data is stored in data files and organised by Job and Reel numbers. A built-in data viewer allows simple selection of any historical data file allowing the user to view the data in a graphical format, and quickly validate the quality of any selected reel.

Remote Network Access

Accutrack also contains a robust Web Server which allows managers to quickly connect into the Accutrack device from the convenience of their own laptop or desktop PC. Here the manager will be able to view real time data relating to the print length measurements, but also to navigate and view all historical data for every reel on every job monitored. Data files can be viewed using the online charting tool or can be exported to an excel spreadsheet for further analysis if required.

Simple DIY installation

Accutrack is simple to install with complete installation taking just a few hours.

The system is supplied with a high resolution wheel encoder and contrast sensor (eye mark sensor) and all interconnecting cables are on plugs and sockets. Simply mount the encoder to run on a the web over a roller and mount the contrast sensor in a suitable position to pick up on a print mark once per repeat. Plug the system together, and you are ready to go.

Mobile Friendly

Accutrack is built on the latest web technology and can be accessed from smart devices and tablets. Keep a check on your print quality any time you need from anywhere.


Accutrack precisely measures every repeat length to a resolution of 0.1mm at speeds up to 600m /min


Accutrack records the repeat length variation second by second for every reel of product produced.


Accutrack provides software utilities for viewing data files both on the Accutrack device and remotely from the comfort of the managers desk.


Accutrack will improve quality assurance keeping your product within specification and most important keeping your customers happy.